Polystar 1.5HP Split Inverter Airconditioner – Pv-12inv

Product Description

The Polystar PV-12INV 1.5HP Inverter Air Conditioner features 1.5HP performance capacity, it easily removes any micro contaminants from the air, so you can enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and more pleasant environment. It also features a powerful cooling, odour-removing function. Thus your homes and offices are guaranteed of a refreshing and appealing ambiance every-time.

This AC Can be powered by inverters and Smaller Generators, So you don’t have to worry when power goes off.. Your rooms and offices will still remain chilled.


Sleep Mode
120A Sine Wave
Strong Cooling and Heating
Extra Low noise
Air Anti-mildew
Quick Connector
Filter Mass can be Easily Dismantled and Cleaned
Soft-start Kit
6 Layers Rust Free
Wide Voltage Range even in voltage unstable areas.
The start up voltage is as low as 135V
Indoor fan type Cross Flow
Outdoor fan type Propeller fan


137,900.00 107,800.00



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